Managed AV Services for your organization


Communication and collaboration have never been more important for an organization than they are today.  Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to connect with people.  From conferences to presentations and more, your AV equipment and integration is becoming a larger factor in your operations.  Delays, distractions, and challenges can have an exponentially negative effect on productivity.  This is where managed AV services comes in.  A managed AV services partner keeps your platforms, devices, systems, and network optimized, reliable, and performing.


What is managed av services?

Managed AV Services is the delivery of network, application, and system management.  It can be deployed across multiple enterprises with a variety of payment structures.  This allows you to have an expert partner remotely monitoring the performance, maintenance, and status of your AV platforms.


What is included with managed av services?

A managed AV services partnership can be customized to meet your needs.  Many common services include:

  • Remote user support
  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Alerts and reporting
  • AV device security and privacy
  • Standardized user interface and control code
  • Optional integrated telephony - SIP Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Optional configuration and management of video teleconferencing devices
  • And more



What are the benefits of managed av services?

Managed AV services provides a number of peripheral benefits in addition to ensuring the reliability, usability, and effectiveness of your AV applications and systems.  A managed AV services partner can reduce your cost per space.  It improves up-time.   It creates standard, easy-to-use meeting spaces.  It makes meetings easier to start and manage.  It also offers analytics for your equipment and platforms that provide valuable feedback and insight on how to best use your technology, both currently and in the future.


Why is service for youR av system important?

AV technology is complex and is now part of your networked infrastructure. Control systems, processors, video codecs, encoders, decoders, and other elements are all interdependent and require regular firmware/software updates to maintain their integrity and IT security compliance. Regular service can help manage this process to keep systems functioning properly and more secure.

Virtual and physical meeting spaces are essential in communicating ideas and concepts. Delays and downtime cannot be acceptable in today’s fast-paced business environment. Regular service can help dramatically improve up-time of these systems. Proactive monitoring and testing can take things a step further by guaranteeing system up-time and providing immediate remote assistance as needed.

Managed services will ensure that everything is working properly with your equipment and network to ensure consistent optimal performance.  This is also an excellent way to proactively mitigate the risk of equipment failure that can result in costly downtime, repairs, and replacements.


What should you consider before choosing a managed av services provider?

Before you sign an agreement with a managed AV services provider, it’s important to understand your needs and how your new partner will be able to meet them.  Here are a few questions to ask your potential managed AV services provider.

  • Is there service ticket tracking? This ability provides the information you need to make decisions about AV maintenance and repairs.
  • Is there a customer portal to track important documentation? Tickets, Invoices, Agreements, Etc. ?
  • Can multi-office support be provided? Many organizations have multiple satellite locations that will fall under the same AV umbrella. 
  • Can analytics on space usage and performance be provided? Information on these KPIs is essential in making the best purchasing decisions when it comes to your AV technology.  It also provides the data that can explain your return on investment while helping to plan future infrastructure goals.
  • Is on-site technical support available? If an on-site issue occurs will a high-priority ticket be met with on-site assistance?  This option may be essential in avoiding embarrassing, time-wasting, costly platform outages.


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What are proactive av services?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid your CEO walking into a boardroom and having to troubleshoot the AV system?  Catching issues before they become major problems is crucial in terms of saving time, money, and face.  Managed AV services provide the proactive maintenance necessary to avoid common, and uncommon obstacles that can quickly derail a meeting.  Proactive services include:

    • Real Time Diagnosis: This keeps your systems operating at the highest level.
    • Remote Room Testing: Closed-loop remote tests check the performance of each component of your AV system.
    • Network Monitoring: Monitor your facility-wide systems and networks in real-time.
    • AV System Certification: Certifying your systems, platforms, and applications ensure the functionality of entire AV integration.


How can av analytics improve your operation?

AV analytics offer a wealth of knowledge that can provide tangible data that should drive your operation and purchasing decisions.  From space usage to equipment performance to proactive maintenance data, the information you can gain and leverage from your managed AV services provider will create a strategic advantage in the management of current equipment and purchasing decisions going forward.



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