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Managed A/V Services: Proactive Integration Management

Posted by Brad Rojas on Sep 20, 2016 11:17:51 AM

Managed A/V Services: Proactive Integration ManagementThere is a significant difference between being proactive and reactive.  Unfortunately, too often the ability to be proactive simply isn’t available.  Even in spite of the best of efforts: maintenance plans, warnings, indicators, notifications, etc.; being proactive means being prepared with the right strategy and resources, as well as the ability to employ them before there is an issue.  Take your car for example.  All of the factory scheduled maintenance, oil changes, and tire rotations can’t always keep that check engine light from coming on.  Just like all of the vitamins, exercise, and healthy eating can’t always prevent the flu.  Ideally your doctor could call you and say, “In two weeks you’ll be sick right when you are supposed to leave on vacation.  Pick up this prescription today and you’ll be fine.”  The same way the dealership could call you and say, “Swing by and pick up a new battery, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the driveway all weekend.”  Proactivity beats reactivity whenever possible.  And now it’s possible for your business’ audio and video integration to be proactive.

Managed services has been a sector that has really established a foothold in the IT world, specifically for SMB’s.  As A/V and IT convergence becomes more ingrained at the enterprise level, managed services and monitoring for A/V and integrated components is elevating service and maintenance to a whole new level. 

So what exactly does managed A/V services mean?  When your commercial integrator designs your platform, they are able to install proactive measures that keep your systems optimized and running smoothly.  Instead of troubleshooting before a meeting, teaching on-site employees how to address system issues, or overwhelming your IT staff with additional responsibilities, your A/V managed services team is prepared and at your disposal. 

A/V managed services include:

  • Real time dashboard reporting on the status of different components.
  • Preventative maintenance checks.
  • Submit trouble ticket actions and follow-up to ensure completion and limit system down time.
  • Work with vendors on solutions and provide competitive quotes and/or support as needed.

Managed A/V managed services offers your business the proactive advantage that eliminates downtime, optimizes your automation, and keeps your meetings, presentations, and business operating smoothly.  Instead of preparing your conference room for a meeting and finding that the projector lamp is flickering just before it burns out; managed A/V services will be monitoring that component and your integrator will be aware that the lamp is reaching its limit, and replace it before it becomes an issue.  This is just one of many examples of how managed A/V services keeps your integrated work spaces and components maintained.

Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  With years of experience and expertise in network design and installation, Link Integration also offers state-of-the art managed services.

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