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Louisiana Mobile Video Conferencing Cart

Posted by Brad Rojas on Aug 4, 2020 11:21:05 AM




COVID-19 has changed the way companies work, schools teach, doctors treat patients, and even how we interact with those in our personal lives. Educational institutions around the world are rapidly developing contingency plans to serve quarantined students and prepare for the possibility of full campus closures. There are, however, day-to-day organizational operations that need to occur on-site and in-person, but is it safe to have all your team in one room together? Maybe only a portion of your teams need to be on-site, and the rest can work remotely? This immediate demand for collaborative video conferencing may exceed your organization’s budget, but Link Integration Group has a solution. A mobile video conferencing cart allows the ability to deliver technology to your teams in any space/classroom. A lot of organizations have great room-based AV setups, but it may be in the form of a high capacity training room… this setup is no longer conducive for keeping people safe even if you are social distancing. What if you could allow your teams to work in smaller, safer groups and give them collaborative technology needed to work with others at affordable cost? That is what the VC mobile cart does.


At less than $8,000, we can bring any web-based VC platform technology to get your teams back to work safer and faster. Add a computer of your choice, and in 5 minutes you will be up and running !

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