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Baton Rouge A/V Solutions for Business: Remote Monitoring and Service

Posted by Brad Rojas on Nov 7, 2016 9:53:08 AM

AdobeStock_50659403.jpegLooking for solutions is a way of life.  Whether it is solving problems in school to achieve a grade, fixing something on your car, or finding new ways to make your business better; we constantly seek solutions.  However there is one thing that has to be decided before a solution can be found, and that is what you need in any particular circumstance.  You need to solve for x to get an A in math.  You need to change your carburetor to get your car to run.  You need to find an intuitive, easy-to-use, reliable communication platform for presentations in order to streamline your business.  Once we realize what we need, we can find the solution that will meet our goals.  This is specifically true for commercial A/V integration.

By understanding the unique needs of each room a commercial A/V integrator can make the best recommendation in terms of systems and platforms.  However, your integrated rooms also require 3 things that you may not realize you need.   

A/V Service Agreement

With any type of technology, problems are bound to arise.  However many can be mitigated and avoided all together.  This where the different layers of a service agreement can be valuable.

With the elements of this umbrella strategy in place you will save money on a la carte repairs, maintenance and service, as well as securing the peace of mind that your systems will be up and running when needed.

A/V Remote Monitoring

A help desk monitoring partnership can remotely oversee the status of your system and measure specific elements such as usage and capacity.  Equipment faults can be tracked in real time with automatic alerts.  These alerts create the opportunity to anticipate and address any faults before they have a negative impact on your systems

A/V Preventative Maintenance

Getting the most out of your a/v systems and platforms is crucial for your business.  As with any major piece of equipment, maintenance is required.  Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your audio/visual and unified communication assets.  Preventative maintenance programs can be scheduled and implemented at any time to fit your needs.  Through comprehensive system checks and thorough equipment servicing you can protect your technology investments and ensure they are available when you need them.

Instead of postponing a meeting, discovering an expensive repair, or experiencing downtime, this three pronged approach to A/V monitoring and service satisfies a need that every business has.  Link Integration Group offers this state-of-the-art monitoring and maintenance for commercial integration systems.

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