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Commercial Integrations in Baton Rouge: The Benefits of Sound Treatments for Your Offices

Posted by Link Integration Group on Apr 26, 2023 3:36:05 PM

Acoustics and soundproofing are becoming more and more crucial for offices and conference rooms in today's modern businesses. Good acoustics can lower noise levels and improve speech understanding, which can eventually boost productivity and lower employee stress levels. The fundamentals of acoustics and sound treatments will be covered in this blog, along with examples of how they might be used in conference rooms and offices.

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Enhancing Your Microsoft Teams Experience: Have Better Meetings with Better Tech

Posted by Link Integration Group on Mar 30, 2023 9:33:55 AM

Teams has become a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes, quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for video conferencing, collaboration, and communication. One feature that many people may not be aware of is the 21:9 aspect ratio support in Microsoft Teams rooms.

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Five Benefits of Sound Masking for Audio and Video Conference Calls

Posted by Link Integration Group on Mar 27, 2023 5:19:58 PM

In today's world of remote work and virtual meetings, audio and video calls have become an essential means of communication. However, background noise and distractions can be a significant challenge for many people causing frustration and reduced productivity. Fortunately, sound masking technology can provide an effective solution to this problem.

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Posted by Ron Smith on Sep 15, 2020 2:00:00 PM

As we suffer through the new way to conduct business brought on by the pandemic, audio conference calls are being the norm for many companies. However, when many of the call participants can’t hear half of what is being discussed, the purpose of the call is diminished and the resulting outcome falls short of the intended goal.

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Louisiana Mobile Video Conferencing Cart

Posted by Brad Rojas on Aug 4, 2020 11:21:05 AM


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Digital Signage for Baton Rouge Businesses: The Basics and the Benefits

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jul 16, 2020 8:29:00 AM

Digital signage uses technologies like projection, LCD, and LED to display a wide variety of content. Images, video, media, and other information can be presented through these digital platforms. While this is a broad description, and this medium can be found in a lot of places for a lot of applications, it can be especially powerful for your business.

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Video Walls for Baton Rouge Businesses:  The Basics and the Benefits

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jul 15, 2020 8:09:52 AM

The role that video and digital presentations play in our daily lives is growing at a rapid rate. The same is true for how businesses can leverage the power of video, specifically through the installation, implementation, and management of video walls.

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Posted by Ron Smith on Mar 20, 2020 12:35:59 PM

The emergency situation we are all experiencing with the COVID 19 virus has emphasized the importance of having a proper communications system. With rampant rumors and guessing, it is critical that the right information be given to the citizens of our state. The Governor’s office of Emergency Management has done just that.

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How to sanitize Crestron touch screens

Posted by Brad Rojas on Mar 20, 2020 11:06:03 AM


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Projector Systems in Baton Rouge: Selecting the Best Ambient Light Screen

Posted by Brad Rojas on Nov 6, 2019 2:37:42 PM

Have you ever been to a movie theatre and sat too close? Have you ever been to a drive-in and parked too far way? Have you ever been to a conference and been seated too far to one side or the other? All of these situations can be frustrating and result in a less than optimum experience, no matter the platform. This scenario can be even more of a concern when it comes to communicating in your organization. If you are making a presentation from a projector, creating an opportunity for everyone, no matter where in the room, to see, hear, and understand the information being displayed is critical. The right projection screen and appropriate size can mitigate the problems mentioned above.

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