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logo.svg Link Integration Group is a marriage between a Structured Cabling company and an Audio/Visual Information Technology company.    With over 50 years combined experience, the Link Integration management team is uniquely poised to provide tomorrow solutions to businesses today.  Link Integration Group is positioned to provide the highest level of expertise in our industry for the various technologies available to accomplish the communications and collaboration requirements of our customers.
kyle williams Kyle Williams is the Chief Operations Officer for Link Integration Group and has spent the last 16 years as an independent licensed telecommunications contractor leading a team of experts specializing in copper and fiber optic cabling needs.  With a degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University, and certifications from several cable system manufactures, Kyle is extremely qualified to design and build a robust communications infrastructure that is the foundation of every business today.
brad rojas Brad Rojas is the Chief Technology Officer for Link Integration Group.  Brad's work as a Senior Control Systems Engineer for a Fortune 100 company, responsible for over $30M in new control systems installations, has given him a deep understanding of how to integrate multiple separate systems into one functioning unit.  Prior to Link, Brad also owned an IT & AV business and has participated in the rise of video as a key component of business functions.  Brad’s enterprise systems experience combined with his knowledge of business IT requirements allows him to create unique system designs that effectively meet client’s goals.

Ron Smith is the Vice President of Business Development at Link Integration Group.  He started out as an educational representative for one of the country’s oldest firms, and has now been in the audiovisual industry for 40+ years.  He has been involved in every capacity of the industry including sales, marketing, management and ownership.  He spent over a dozen years involved in Infocomm’s training efforts during that tenure having served on the Professional Education & Training Committee and served as a member, President and President Ex-Officio. 

Ron also spent over 12 years as a faculty member of the InfoComm Professional Development Academy.  Besides his involvement with Infocomm, Ron brings 20 years of experience in the electronics industry gained from his tenure in the La Air National Guard where he served as a cable splicer, NCOIC, systems engineer, career advisor and First Sargeant attaining the level of E-8 before retirement.

Developing new business is the focal point of Ron’s present day activities.  Aiding in the design and implementation of security surveillance systems for schools, businesses and other industrial entities is one of the areas of Ron’s expertise.  Design and implementation of operation centers, traffic management and other large scale monitoring facilities are his focus as well.

Professional certifications include:

AMX ACE Designation

InfoComm Designer Level 1 Designation

AMX Netlinx Certified Designer

Jupiter Controller Programmer

Crestron DMC-D Designation


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