AVaaS or AV as a Service, is a model that provides the audio/visual assets and service that your organization needs to communicate and collaborate. An AVaaS agreement provides the hardware, service, maintenance and upgrades without the upfront cost, capital expenditure and overhead of traditional purchasing models. By outsourcing your AV equipment procurement, deployment, integration and management your organization can stay agile while avoiding expensive purchases, overhead and costly downtime. Here is everything you need to know about AV as a Service.


What is AVaas?

AV as a Service is the outsourcing of your audio/visual needs for a monthly fee based on what you need. It can cover hardware, managed services and support. AVaaS is a comprehensive utility model that allows a company to develop and implement streamlined technology. It is an ideal option for businesses and organizations of all sizes as it can relieve budgetary constraints that hinder an installation or an upgrade. AVaaS can also supplement and support existing infrastructure and staff.  


benefits of avaas?

AV as a Service has many benefits, including:

1.) Cost Saving

AvaaS is a monthly subscription meaning you can get the equipment you need without a significant investment. Your AVaaS agreement can also include preventative maintenance and monitoring, eliminating having to spend money on expensive repairs.

2.) Updated Technology

Because today's technology is moving at such a rapid pace, a subscription with a low monthly rate, allows you to update and upgrade to advanced technology keeping your system current.

3.) Reduced Downtime

With remote monitoring and preventative maintenance, you can mitigate and resolve potential problems before they become an issue. This means no meeting delays, unavailable equipment or any other frustrating, expensive problems.






How does avaas control costs?

Your AVaaS provider can help you save significantly. With your monthly fee you are covering the cost of equipment, software and support. It also means you can avoid expensive overhead like at IT team, and outright purchases of expensive equipment. Many AVaaS packages include remote monitoring, preventative maintenance and repairs. When you buy equipment and it breaks, it is up to your internal staff to fix or hire an outside firm to make the repair. These costs, even a replacement, are covered by your monthly fee.



How does avaas reduce downtime?

With remote monitoring and scheduled preventative maintenance, you can be sure that every time you need to use your equipment it will work. No more delaying or rescheduling meetings, no more experiencing reliability and performance issues. If an issue does arise, your AVaaS provider will be able to get you back online quickly and at no additional cost.



does avaas allow for scalability?

Scalability is vital for a growing business. However, adding platforms and capabilities can be an expensive undertaking. Acquiring and integrating new platforms is important and needs to be done effectively and efficiently. AVaaS allows you add the AV technology you need, making sure it works with what you already have. By using the proven processes for your specific business, your provider can duplicate and implement what already works.



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