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5 Benefits of AV Managed Services in Baton Rouge

Posted by Brad Rojas on Feb 11, 2019 8:51:00 AM

0017-minWith competition on the rise and efficiencies at an all-time high, a lack of communication, hurdles to collaboration, and downtime are more costly than ever before.  While the technologies that we leverage are allowing for unprecedented growth, businesses and organizations are still very much at their mercy; especially when it comes to usability and reliability. 

Transitioning from a “break-fix” mentality is crucial.  If a CEO enters a boardroom for a presentation, waiting for software and systems to come on-line, or worse yet, waiting on a tech to solve an issue, that is valuable time and resources going to waste.  However, if you can anticipate, monitor, and maintain your AV resources, these problems can be mitigated.  This is where AV managed services can provide not only peace of mind, but a strategic advantage.  Here are 5 benefits of AV managed services.

24-Hour Monitoring

Problems can arise at any time.  Even you aren’t holding a meeting at 3:30am, if something happens then that can jeopardize your 9am board meeting, it can not only be caught but corrected.  24-hour monitoring presents an additional level of comfort and security.

Reduced Costs

Expensive repairs, replacement parts, and technician visits can add up.  A steady monthly fee not only makes budgeting easier, but prevents costly add-ons while ensuring that your AV technology is protected.

Minimized Downtime

Downtime costs money.  It wastes valuable resources and the opportunity to grow.  If a meeting is delayed or rescheduled, it exponentially affects everyone involved.  Having the ability to rely and depend on having your tools work as they are supposed to when they are supposed to is a tremendous benefit.

Enhanced Focus

When you don’t have to troubleshoot technology problems, reschedule meetings, and make alternative accommodations, you can focus on what you do best; actually run your business.  Knowing that your communication, collaboration, and technology needs are being tended to gives you the freedom and assurance that your efforts can be focused where they belong.

Improved Efficiency

Moving from room to room, meeting to meeting, and platform to platform seamlessly makes everything operationally more efficient.  When usability and dependability are optimized it makes everyone’s job easier.

AV is playing a larger and larger role as businesses and organizations need more and better ways to connect.  Link Integration Group designs, installs, services, and manages commercial AV integration plans and resources for businesses, organizations, and state agencies across Louisiana.

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