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Commercial Integrators: How Can an Extron Media Processor Help Your Baton Rouge Business?

Posted by Scott Perrilloux on Apr 26, 2017 9:19:00 AM

extron digital media streamingThe ability to stream and display a wide variety of different media is changing the way businesses and other organizations operate.  Using video, displays, and other platforms to communicate and collaborate is providing an entirely new way to share, promote, and operate.  However this new technology is only as good as the delivery method used to distribute it. 

Extron’s line of digital streaming media processors makes leveraging these elements easy to implement, integrate, and manage.  Management, processing, and playback are the three integral actions any streaming device must execute.  Not only do Extron processors do these, they offer a wide range of other benefits that allow you to work faster and smarter.

Record & Schedule Media Streams

This feature allows you to create and schedule specific pieces of content.  Your media can stream to where you need it, specifically when you need it, or on a recurring basis.  Schedules can be imported from a variety of calendar formats and content can be uploaded from existing content libraries. 

Edit & Process Streaming Media

The way that your content is processed is vital to the quality and effectiveness of your media streaming.  Extron’s media processors offer a rich playback experience, and along with a web-based editing tool, you can customize and perfect each entry.

View & Search Media

Enhancing the ease of finding the content you need, and having a variety of viewing options will make your media streaming a much more effective experience.  Interface layouts can be customized to get the most out of each device.  Also, sophisticated search technology makes finding exactly what you are looking for easier than ever. Extron also makes viewing across a variety of devices seamless.

Content Management

The ability to configure and automate workflows makes managing and publishing your content simple.  User rights and permissions can also be managed, providing managers with granular insight over deployments. Device monitoring is also available so that you are aware of how each platform is performing.

While all of these features enhance your media management, it is crucial to have this technology professionally integrated with your existing infrastructure.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm in Baton Rouge that helps businesses, organizations, and state agencies across Louisiana with their AV and technology needs.

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