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Digital Media Streaming Technology for Your Baton Rouge Business

Posted by Brad Rojas on Mar 23, 2017 10:59:46 AM

Digital Media Streaming Technology for Your Baton Rouge BusinessDigital media streaming has taken over for the long forgotten VCR, quickly fading DVD player, and in many homes cable television.  While the magic of a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV can put a world of entertainment at your fingertips; digital media streaming has much more potential for your business’ AV assets.  However, just as residential solutions are ineffective for commercial applications, the above mentioned devices won’t cut it for your boardroom and workspace needs.  This is where Crestron’s NVX Series of digital media streaming platforms come in.

Crestron’s DM NVX series is an all-in-one solution for your organization’s streaming needs.  It affordably solves the challenges of quality, security, latency, and usability with the following features.

  • Network Security: Knowing who and what is on your network is critical.  Crestron’s NVX leverages 802.1x and Active Directory to provide the strongest network security for your streaming.
  • Say ‘Goodbye’ to Latency: While typical network AV systems encode/decode and then scale sequentially, creating additional latency; Crestron’s patent pending technology executes all of these actions simultaneously. With this process all latency during video transmission is eliminated.
  • Scalability: With a software-defined matrix and simple point-to-point setup, the DM NVX is infinitely scalable. By adding NVX encoders/decoders this system can grow as quickly and as large as you need.
  • Ease of Use: The intelligent software that fuels the NVX encoder/decoder boxes and cards makes this platform simple to configure, deploy, and most importantly, manage the entire system from the web.  Once you select your sources and displays and set your desired bandwidth and latency to be optimized with your application and infrastructure, you are good to go.

This is yet another example of how Crestron is addressing technological challenges for organizations when it comes to AV and automation.  Link Integration Group is a Crestron Commercial Elite Dealer that designs, installs, and services AV and automation platforms for businesses, organizations, and state agencies in Louisiana.

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