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3 Ways Video Conferencing as a Service Can Help Your Louisiana Business

Posted by Brad Rojas on Feb 24, 2017 10:49:41 AM

video conferencing as a serviceWe’ve all heard those commercials from car dealers.  They tout leases on brand new cars that give you a payment less than your cable bill each month.  It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  If you were in the market for a new car but didn’t want to blow your hard earned savings on a high sticker price, or commit to a burdensome note each month, this can be an ideal option.  Wouldn’t it be great if businesses had the same opportunity when it came to technology?

There is actually something better available.  AVaaS (AV-as-a-Service) is a model that provides affordable monthly payments for state-of-the-art communication, collaboration, and automation technology, complete with a built-in service agreement.  Think of it as the car of your dreams with a low monthly payment and you never need to worry about a breakdown, a tune-up, nor even an oil change.  The best part is you keep your capital and resources in tact meaning you can leverage this new technology to streamline and grow your business.

Now AVaaS can have a number of different applications, depending on what your organization needs.  One of the most valuable is VCaaS, Video Conferencing-as-a-Service.  Video Conferencing is one of the fastest growing business applications that allows for employees to work remotely and collaborate while alleviating expensive travel costs and miscommunication.  Here are 3 reasons why VCaaS can give your business an advantage.

Flexibility and Scalabilty Opportunities with AVaaS

VCaaS offers you the ability to integrate technology as you need it.  As opposed to purchasing a platform and being handcuffed to it as new and improved technology becomes available, the as-a-service model gives you the access to platforms that grow and adapt with your business.

Secure IT Integration

Depending on your industry and sector, video conferencing can be accompanied by a variety of regulations and compliance initiatives.  Your integration specialist should not only know what you require in order to remain compliant, but will ideally have the IT expertise to securely and effectively install your AV platform within your existing IT infrastructure.

Optimum AV Operation

Cloud-based and other cheap, subscription-based alternatives that use your existing network and phones can be ineffective and inconsistent.  These problems are compounded as more and more users become involved and video conferencing becomes a larger part of your operation.  Your commercial integrator will not only be able to recommend the best platform for you needs but install and service it to provide the most reliable and user-friendly experience possible.

VCaaS is only one of the many elements that makes up AVaaS, and can create a tremendous advantage for your business.  Link Integration Group is a commercial AV integration firm that offers AVaaS for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

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