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AV as a Service: When It Makes More Cents than Buying AV Equipment

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jan 18, 2017 10:11:27 AM

A/V as a Service: When It Makes More Cents than Buying A/V EquipmentKeeping up with the fast pace of technology can be a challenge; not only from an implementation and execution perspective, but especially from a financial standpoint.  At the same time technology is an expense that can’t go ignored.  However for small to medium sized business, and even larger organizations, having the resources and capital to invest in a state-of-the-art platform can be challenging.  At least it used to be.

The “as-a-service” model has changed a number of sectors and created access to technology for businesses of all sizes.  Now this applies to audio/visual equipment and integration.  But what exactly are the benefits of AVaaS?

Keep Your AV Equipment Up-to-Date

New iPhones come out every year, each one bigger, brighter, and better than the last.  AV equipment, like all technology is no different.  When your company leverages the benefits of AVaaS, your equipment never becomes stale, outdated, or obsolete.  As you reach the end of one agreement and begin a new one, it comes with the newest, most advanced equipment and service

Maintain Predictable Monthly AV Costs

When you purchase new equipment, you are essentially on your own as far as maintenance and service.  With AV as-a-service, your service agreement is included.  This means that all maintenance and necessary services are included for your platforms.  Not only does this provide peace of mind for the fact that your AV will be reliable and ready whenever you need it, but you also won’t have any surprise expenses should something happen.


Keep Up With Your Competitors

Acquiring sophisticated technology at an affordable cost can create a significant competitive advantage.  AVaaS allows smaller businesses to have access to the same, possibly better, AV technology than larger competitors, without draining your valuable resources. 

No Large Capital Investments for AV

As stated earlier, technology is expensive and purchasing or upgrading traditionally requires a significant investment.  Whether its liquidity or credit, small to medium sized business can quickly tie up capital to acquire the equipment it needs.  AVaaS doesn’t require this.  For an affordable monthly fee businesses get the equipment and services they need while maintaining their cash flow and credit assets.

Tax Benefits For Acquiring AV Equipment Through an "as-a-Service" Agreement

Acquring equipment and software through this model also opens up some beneficial tax opportunities for your business.  This process makes your eligible for the section 179 deduction.  With a non-tax capital lease you can write-off up to the deduction limit worth of equipment this year, without actually spending that amount this year. In other words, a small business that is managing cash flow can leverage a non-tax capital lease to minimize out-of-pocket cash, and still take the full Section 179 Deduction.

While technology has continued to level the playing field and provide opportunities for businesses of all sizes, now the playing field for access to technology has been leveled.  AV as-a-service is changing the way businesses are able to communicate and grow.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm in Baton Rouge that offers AVaaS for businesses and organizations in Louisiana.

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