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Why Baton Rouge Corporate AV Should Be Exceptional

Posted by Ron Smith on Sep 11, 2017 11:20:55 AM

AdobeStock_51722320-1.jpegBusinesses work and communicate more effectively, both internally and with clients, when they use expertly designed and integrated audiovisual systems.  The use of correctly designed and installed systems generally produces an exceptional experience in corporate AV.

Remember the days when employees, and worst, clients, had to sit through the boring presentations using the AV of yesterday?  Surprisingly, there are still many companies that use those methods.  In today’s professionally prepared system the content presents impactful presentations, audio/video collaboration and more formatted in a way that delivers information so that people can comprehend.

The AV for today’s meeting rooms is more than just pieces of equipment.  The technology includes not only the AV and IT components but also things such as lighting, acoustics and other environmental conditions that together make communications and collaboration more effective. What are some of the things to consider in having the Exceptional corporate AV system? Various studies over the years have shown that……..

            79%     Percentage of meeting attendees interviewed said a typical meeting would be more effective if information from more than one person could be viewed at the same time.

            90%     Percentage of the participants interviewed said that it would be useful if they could display content on-screen from their smartphones or other device during a meeting.

            80%     Percentage of non-verbal clues that exist in communications.  When video is used in a presentation, participants are more likely to stay focused. 

Today these things are all available.  The question is:

” Does your conference/meeting room meet these requirements?”

If your answer is no, you should contact a Certified AV Systems Designer/Integrator to assist you in bringing them into conformance.

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