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Baton Rouge Boardroom Automation: Why Buy Crestron

Posted by Brad Rojas on Sep 28, 2016 11:59:29 AM

boardroom automationEveryone is familiar with the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.  But more specifically, especially in business, you should get what you need.  And likely what anyone can use is more time, fewer headaches, and a streamlined way to communicate.  Just like if you wanted a safe, finely tuned, highly engineered car you’d consider an Audi or Mercedes.  And a scratch golfer would opt for tour inspired irons from Titleist or Ping.  Purchases like these are less about what you are buying and more about why you are buying it, for the results they will provide.  When it comes to boardroom automation, while you are concerned with the different components and design, what you really want are results.  Ease of use, reliability, collaboration, communication.  Because you need these, you’ll want Crestron.

Crestron creates technology that allows for the control of your building or room’s environment with the press of a button.  These automation and control systems integrate with each element of your A/V and IT infrastructure.  But what sets Crestron apart to provide the results that your business needs?

Easy to Use Technology with Advanced Performance

Each meeting space is going to host a variety of people, in a number of different roles, all with a different level of technological comfort.  While the highly engineered products designed by Crestron are powered by advanced technology, they are designed to offer a high level of usability for any end user.

Reliable Solutions for Your Boardroom Automation

The advanced engineering that goes into every Crestron product is coupled with enhanced quality control measurements that consistently provide the most reliable platforms available.  Arguably the most important feature of boardroom automation is dependability.  You need to know that when you schedule a meeting the equipment you need will be not only be available but working as intended.  The last thing you need is for your CEO to troubleshoot a projector, reconnect a camera, or call in IT during a quarterly board meeting.

Sophisticated Components that Meet Your Business Needs  

Getting back to the principle at hand, what does your business need?  We’ve addressed usability and reliability, now we’ll discuss the actual meat of the meeting.  Crestron’s sophisticated technology, components and platforms are all designed to offer the highest level of performance.  Full room automation ranging from projectors, screens, lights, shades, microphones, motion detectors, and dashboards needs to allow for the achievement of your meeting’s goals.  Whether you leverage the power of video conferencing or require advanced collaboration between different parties, Crestron has the tools to provide the performance, and results your workspaces, conference rooms, and facilities require.

When it comes to commercial integration, boardroom automation, and conference room design, finding the right product that will provide the results you require is essential.  Crestron’s entire line of products offers these solutions.  When it comes to Crestron products in south Louisiana, Link Integration Group is a Crestron Commercial Elite dealer and can handle your commercial integration needs from design to install to service.

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