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Baton Rouge Boardroom Automation: Commercial A/V as a Service

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jan 5, 2017 10:18:46 AM

Baton Rouge Boardroom Automation: Commercial A/V as a Service“As-a-service” is a model that is changing the ways that businesses operate.  This idea that traditionally expensive commercial platforms can be offered on a service based level is creating opportunities for organizations of every shape and size.  The role that technology plays in daily operations and communication is not getting any smaller; it is in this sector that “as-a-service” has generated the most potential.  Cloud based applications have catapulted SaaS (software-as-a-service) into becoming a business norm, and this same approach can be applied to audio/video integration.

Commercial audio and video integration is a sophisticated and necessary element in any line of business today.  Understanding the inner workings of electronics, IT, optics, acoustics, construction, and design can be an overwhelming and expensive skillset.  AVaaS (AV-as-a-service) is an outsourced AV management, service, and support arrangement between your company and an integration expert. 


AVaaS can include:

AVaaS offers these very important benefits:

Commercial A/V Cost

Traditionally implementing a/v platforms and systems required a high initial cost, leaving the buyer with an implementation that is quickly outpaced by new technology.  The as-a-service model defrays these expensive costs, offers new and higher quality technology that can grow with your business.  There is also the cost of productivity when employees need to be trained on new equipment and processes.  An A/V partner handles all of the training and service to leverage the power of automation.

Agility from AV-as-a-Service

With controlled costs and the ability to lease products and negotiate the services that your business needs, you have much more flexibility and fewer headaches when it comes to budgeting for things like costly repairs and expensive consulting.  This managed services model can include everything from design and installation to remote monitoring, ensuring that costs are kept down and everything works efficiently and effectively.

Commercial Integration Scalability

Scalable cloud monitoring and affordable monthly or quarterly rates make AVaaS an ideal strategy for multi-site locations, as well as large facilities and small businesses alike.  Larger organizations no longer require full-time A/V employees on-site.  Smaller companies can experience and leverage the power of major platforms and components for their business that historically have been quite expensive.

The tangibles of managed AV services can significantly enhance any operation.  Better designs, less downtime, lower costs, and more effective technology are all the result of AVaaS.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm that expertly designs, implements and services commercial audio-visual projects.


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