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LED Video Walls for Your Baton Rouge Business: The Benefits of Direct View LED

Posted by Brad Rojas on Aug 2, 2019 11:37:50 AM

LED Video Walls for Your Baton Rouge Business: The Benefits of Direct View LEDThe ability to deliver seamless images and scalability is making direct view LED video walls more popular than ever before.  These superior characteristics, coupled with falling prices are making this type of video wall more attractive and accessible.  For video walls over 90”, direct view LED panels can be custom formatted to meet your specific needs.  Here are a few of the benefits that video walls can offer your organization.

Clear Image Quality in Any Setting

Venues that rely on natural light and other bright areas pose a problem for front projectors; but not for LED video walls.  LED displays are brilliantly backlit, creating superior brightness and contrast values.  This ability makes LED the ideal platform for your content.

No Resolution Limits

Resolution is the count and density of pixels.  The more pixels you have, the more detail your display can deliver.  The larger applications that direct view LED offers means that you can display large images without sacrificing detail.

Multiple Content Manipulation Capabilities

There are a variety of backend tools that make presenting content in numerous ways possible.  The entire display regardless of size or arrangement can be utilized as a single, unified resource for any material.

Little Required Maintenance

When compared to projectors and other video or display formats, direct view LED video walls require less maintenance.  This type of video wall relies on highly efficient and reliable light-emitting diodes that can run for tens of thousands of hours without sacrificing quality. 

Interactive Capabilities

LED video walls can also be equipped with interactive functionality.  This feature can compel and engage your audience.  The applications for this are limitless.  From wayfinding to scheduling to scrolling through information, this smooth-to-the-touch interactivity can significantly enhance your customers’ and clients’ experience.

If you’ve been considering the installation of a video wall or believed that the cost of entry was too high, now is the time to act.  Direct view LED technology continues to become more affordable while still providing the highest capabilities in video wall platforms.  The experts are Link Integration Group design, install, and service commercial AV solutions across Louisiana.

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