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Baton Rouge AV Design: Why It Should Come Before Construction

Posted by Brad Rojas on Mar 3, 2017 12:21:22 PM

av design before constructionHave you ever packed your car for a trip?  Meticulously choosing the space and orientation for each item, ensuring that everything fits and nothing gets damaged becomes a real-life game of Tetris.  However, it rarely fails; with everything perfectly in its place you close the trunk only to realize you forgot your suitcase.  So much time and effort were spent organizing, but you forgot the most important item, now what?  Building or remodeling a new facility can be the same way.  The plans are drawn up, contractors are hired, ground is broken, but what about the AV needs of the space?  Is this going to be the crammed in suitcase, now full of wrinkled clothes? 

The truth is that when AV design is considered and planned before construction, the amount of money, time, and headaches is greatly reduced.  Implementing and installing a commercial AV platform is a complex undertaking.  Each element is designed and intended to meet a specific need.  If the space is already built without these considerations it can be like putting a square peg in a round hole, creating extra costs with fewer results along the way.

Including your commercial AV partner from the beginning of your new construction or remodel will help to avoid expensive delays.  It’s important to consider the different elements that AV components and platforms need to operate.  Different devices need to be placed in certain places and have specific electrical wattage requirements as well as potential temperature-control needs.  Without planning for these criteria, new documents and permits may need to be issued, as well costly changes in schedule. 

The cohesion in AV design and construction is much easier before walls are built and the wiring is complete.  If designs are already submitted before an AV consult, each necessary change can inflate the budget.  There are also the logistical considerations such as providing a dust-free environment for the sensitive, sophisticated equipment being installed.  These prerequisites, when not accounted for, can throw a project completely off schedule.

Having the foresight to include AV design in the planning stages of your next project will not only help you stay on budget and schedule, it will provide the desired results from both your technology and construction investments.  Link Integration Group is a commercial AV integrator that creates customized technology solutions for organizations in Louisiana.  With experience and expertise in design, installation, programming, IT, and, automation; LIG can offer a tremendous advantage in your next build or remodel.     

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