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Video Over IP and the Benefits for Your Baton Rouge Business

Posted by Brad Rojas on Feb 4, 2019 10:02:42 AM

video over ipVideo is playing a larger role than ever before, both from a consumer standpoint, but also as a business and organizational initiative.  With networks becoming more affordable, and video becoming the preferred source for knowledge and communication, internet protocol based deployments of video offer a number of benefits compared to traditional delivery methods.

Whether you incorporate video over IP for digital signage and wayfinding, videoconferencing and broadcasting, or any other wide range of applications; you can look forward to these advantages.

Higher Quality Video

Internet protocol allows for more data to be passed along, dramatically improving the quality of both video and audio signals.  This provides the ability to stream HD and even Ultra HD. 

Cost Effectiveness of Video over IP

Playing video over IP offers a significant cost savings in terms of both labor and materials.  A single Ethernet cable can be used for a number of functions, when in the past, multiple cables would be necessary.  Troubleshooting is also simplified resulting in lower maintenance costs

More Functionality from Video over IP

With an enhanced ability to handle larger amounts of data, communication speeds increase, as do the range of functions you can implement and depend upon.  Sophisticated encryption becomes an option with an IP deployment.  You can also control devices from a centralized and remote location.

These are only a few benefits of leveraging video over IP for your business.  Link Integration Group is commercial AV integrator that designs, installs, and services technology for businesses and organizations.


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