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The Benefits of AV Service Agreements for Louisiana State Agencies

Posted by Brad Rojas on Nov 12, 2019 9:15:00 AM

The Benefits of AV Service Agreements for Louisiana State AgenciesCommunication and collaboration are more important today than ever before.  Technology today makes it easier than ever to leverage the power of video conferencing, automation, and full AV integration; which means keeping these systems up and running needs to be a top priority.  This is where service agreements come in. 

AV service agreements are more than just a warranty, they protect against more than a broken platform, they actually offer protection from something much more damaging, downtime.  One of the largest benefits of an AV service agreements offer is remote monitoring.  The remote monitoring element allows for preventative maintenance to not only be performed, but be performed when it is needed.

Two main pain points can be avoided with an AV service agreement:

AV Equipment Software Issues

With any platform there are a variety of software and security objectives.  A service agreement can ensure that your AV equipment is ready when you need it.  Due to the specialized nature of these platforms, updates and fixes may be out of your IT department’s area of expertise; however an agreement with your integrator will have you covered.

Unexpected or Unforeseen AV Integration Problems

Big presentation this afternoon? What if the projector doesn’t work?  Have an important video conference scheduled?  What if it doesn’t connect?  All of these scenarios are possible, and they are also preventable.  Remote monitoring notifies you when the lamp in your projector is about to expire.    AV service agreements provide the peace of mind that you will have full access to all of your tools when you need them.

AV integration is changing and improving the way that agencies and departments communicate and collaborate.  However, it’s only as effective as it is available and functioning.  While a service agreement mitigates the risk of replacing expensive components, it also limits the chances of not having access to your equipment when you need it.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integrator that designs, installs, and manages AV and automation platforms for businesses and organizations.  Link Integration Group’s Louisiana state contract number is 4400010668. 


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