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Creston Mercury: The Ultimate Meeting Collaboration Tool for Your Baton Rouge Business

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jun 29, 2017 2:02:41 PM

AdobeStock_69887100.jpegHave you ever been on vacation and when you get to your hotel room the only thing you want to do is turn on SportsCenter before you head out for dinner?  Your muscle memory is locked in on what buttons to push, where to find it, and what to expect.  Well, it is at your house any way.  Now you’re in a new city, with a different TV, and a lot of different variables are making this more difficult than it should be.  Between room service options, pay-per-view menus, and a completely foreign channel lineup, you may never stumble across what you’re looking for.  Collaboration during meetings is very similar.

Everyone has their chosen platform and service when it comes to a variety of communication tools.  Video conferencing, phone calls, webinars, etc.  But what happens when you have a client, or a vendor, or a prospect that uses a different, unfamiliar tool?  It often leads to longer, less efficient meetings and miscommunication.  This isn’t a problem any longer.  Enter Crestron Mercury.

What is Crestron Mercury?

Crestron Mercury is an all-in-one room solution that will support any video conferencing application.  No longer will differing platforms be an issue.  This easy-to-use console allows people to collaborate no matter where they are located or what conferencing application they use. 

Features of Crestron Mercury

  • Full open SIP conference phone
  • Built-in AirMedia for wireless presentation
  • One touch room booking and meeting joins
  • Unbelievable microphone and speaker quality
  • Bluetooth audio pairs with mobile phones
  • Enterprise provisioning and management
  • High visibility mute indicator
  • Onscreen room availability and meeting details
  • Supports all video conferencing applications
  • Built-in occupancy censor for usage data and automation

What can Crestron Mercury Do?

Present:  With AirMedia secure, wireless presentations can be made on a room’s display from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  It can also be connected directly via HDMI.

Call:  These precisely engineered speakers and microphones make it sound like everyone is in the same room.  Bluetooth audio can be used to pair mobile phones and there is also the built-in full open SIP option for conference calls.

Collaborate: By simply connecting your laptop to Mercury you can use any application to collaborate.  Mercury can also be configured to run specific applications without a laptop.

Manage: Enterprise provisioning and management are easily provided.  Room usage data and occupancy detection can also be obtained to support energy savings. 

Schedule: Mercury can connect directly to Microsoft Outlook or Crestron Fusion, making room scheduling simple.  With a built-in graphics engine an onscreen room calendar and simple instructions can be generated.

Finally there is a one piece console that makes communicating and collaborating simpler than ever before.  No matter what type of video conferencing application you or whoever you’re meeting with has, it can now be a seamless, streamlined event.  When implementing new conference room technology and integrating AV into your infrastructure, it is important to trust a professional with the experience and expertise to provide the solutions that you need.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm that designs, installs, and manages AV integration for businesses, organizations, and state agencies across Louisiana.

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