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Connecting AV to the Network: What Your Baton Rouge Business Needs to Know

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jan 29, 2018 10:45:42 AM

Connecting AV to the Network: What Your Baton Rouge Business Needs to KnowToday more things are connected to a network than ever before.  Sure this is how things have been done for years when it came to computers and printers; but now everything from your thermostat to your refrigerator can be connected.  The same is true for AV devices, platforms, and applications.  So what does your organization need to understand about this advanced connected state of AV that puts many of the devices you already use on your network?

Video conferencing codecs, room scheduling touch screens, cameras, microphones, speakers, displays, thermostats, and more can all be connected and controlled via your network.  While this ability creates enhanced communication, collaboration, and automation, it also directly impacts the bandwidth and performance of your network.  Predicting and forecasting how both wired services and Wi-Fi capacities will be influenced is essential.  This is why the convergence of AV and IT is so important.  As new platforms are implemented and come online, the way your IT infrastructure reacts will play a huge role in the successful use of these new technologies.

Entrusting your new AV projects to a commercial integrator that can not only provide the best design, recommendations, and products for your needs, but one that also has IT expertise can a be a tremendous resource for your organization.  As these two worlds continue to merge, having partners that understand both sides of the equation will become invaluable. 

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