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Baton Rouge Conference Room Technology: Christie Laser Projectors

Posted by Brad Rojas on Oct 26, 2016 11:04:42 AM

Baton Rouge Conference Room Technology: Christie Laser ProjectorsWhen it comes to technology in your office, meeting spaces, and conference rooms, having the right equipment and platforms can be the difference between great communication and terrible meetings. One of the most useful components in any conference room is a projector.  Having the ability to project presentations, share information, and collaborate saves money, time and other valuable resources.  However, not all projectors are created equal.  This is where Christie laser phosphor projectors separate themselves.  Projectors, like any piece of major equipment, need to be maintained and have accompanying operational costs.  A laser phosphor projector offers minimal maintenance and low operational costs, but what exactly is different about a laser phosphor projector?

Christie Laser Phosphor Projector                                                    

These projectors are a lampless projection illumination platform that uses blue laser diodes.  These blue laser diodes act as the three primary colors as the blue light shines into a spinning phosphor compound.  Without a lamp, the need for filter replacements and other regular maintenance is eliminated. 

Now that we’ve discussed the science behind laser phosphor projection, here are 10 benefits that come from this technology.

1.) Low energy consumption

2.) High brightness, contrast, and color spectrum

3.) No lamp changes

4.) Instant on/off capabilities

5.) Saves on operational costs over time

6.) Reduces downtime and maintenance costs

7.) Entry level and premium grade options

8.) Operational 24/7

9.) Over 20,000 hours of operational life

10.) No filter changes required


Projectors are a perfect option for meeting spaces and boardrooms.  Laser phosphor technology from Christie takes it a step further by reducing operational costs and virtually eliminating common, expensive maintenance measures that other lamp based projectors require.  However a projector is only one element of an integrated room, and can only be effective with quality, knowledgeable, professional installation.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm that designs, installs, and maintains boardroom technology and other business automation.  Link Integration is also a certified Christie dealer.

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