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Baton Rouge Conference Room Design and Integration: Room Scheduling

Posted by Brad Rojas on Feb 7, 2017 10:36:48 AM

Baton Rouge Conference Room Design and Integration: Room Scheduling Hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts all do best when their rooms and suites are in use.  Your organization essentially works the same way when it comes to your conference rooms and work spaces.  Lodging establishments used to (and some still do) have the convenient vacancy (or no vacancy) sign out front.  On a long road trip and need a place to stay for the night?  Find a hotel with the vacancy sign lit up.  If all of the rooms are occupied, there is a handy little switch, that when flipped illuminates two simple letters, “n-o”.  There is either space, or there isn’t.  Unfortunately, when it comes to scheduling time in your business’ conference rooms and work spaces, it’s not quite as simple as this.  But there are tools to make room scheduling and meeting planning a breeze.


Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron Room Scheduling is a fully integrated, stand-alone business solution that easily connects the right people with the right places.  Getting a team to the right room at the right time has never been simpler or more reliable.  The best part is, this Crestron technology can integrate seamlessly into your current infrastructure, and includes these features:

  • Connects directly to your existing schedule software.
  • Offers analytics and reporting on space usage.
  • Book rooms and confirm meetings instantly.

Cloud or On-Premise Deployment Integration

Based on your needs there are two options when it comes to deploying this room scheduling technology. 

Cloud Based Room Scheduling Integration

Cloud deployment offers the easiest integration process for all parties.  It also offers the lowest cost of ownership and is hosted by Crestron in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  This option is compatible with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013, and Microsoft Office 365; and offers simple and secure firewall settings.

On-Premise Room Scheduling Integration

The on-premise option is completely isolated from external networks and requires a server or VM (virtual machine).  This option is compatible with IBM Notes, CollegeNET, and R25 software, as well as the platforms mentioned above.  On-premise does require SQL licensing.

Crestron Room Scheduling is the ideal option for streamlining your meetings, workspaces, and collaborative projects.  A clean, intuitive, user friendly touch screen is installed outside of each space and offers a new level of visibility.  This platform cannot only make your office more efficient, it can also be implemented as part of AV-as-a-service, or AVaaS.  AVaaS is affordable way to integrate and upgrade AV technology for your organization.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm and Creston Commercial Elite Dealer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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