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Baton Rouge Business Technology: What You Need to Know About BYOD

Posted by Brad Rojas on Jan 31, 2018 2:03:00 PM

AdobeStock_99627488.jpegToday we use a number of devices for a number of different things.  However technology has continued to evolve making it easier to do more with less.  While these developments have created opportunities to be more efficient and effective than ever before, it also poses some new challenges; specifically when it comes to people using their own devices for work purposes.  However, there are several benefits that come along with implementing a BYOD policy for your company, as well as ways to mitigate the accompanying challenges.



Benefits of BYOD

  • Save money: With BYOD you no longer need to spend capital on devices and other equipment.
  • Increase productivity: Employees will be using devices they are familiar with. There is no need to train, nor a learning curve, as they are already comfortable with their chosen device.
  • Enhanced employee happiness and satisfaction: Surveys of companies that have implemented BYOD showed improved morale.

Considerations when implementing BYOD

Your employees devices will need to exist outside of your firewall.  Using a two-factor authentication system will help keep your network secure.  Security is a key concern.  In fact in a Tech Pro Research report, 78% of organizations cited security as their top hesitation against BYOD.  Some of the major security concerns are:

  • Lost or stolen devices: This is valid considering there will be business and proprietary information on these devices.  Securing each device with a passcode, as well as encrypting the data with remote access can mitigate these risks.
  • Employees leaving: When employees leave the company, they’ll bring their devices with them.  Having the ability to wipe corporate information remotely is an important feature to ensure it stays secure.
  • Use network access control (NAC): With your data being available on a variety of devices in a variety of places, it is imperative that anti-virus measures consistently updated. This protects your data and your network. By using NAC it ensures that all devices connected to the network have the latest updates and protection available.

These are only a few things that keep in mind about implementing a BYOD policy for your organization.  There are many benefits, and also several important things to keep in mind so that is effective.  BYOD can go hand-in-hand with your integration efforts; enhancing collaboration and communication.  The experts at Link Integration Group offer a unique combination of AV integration and IT management skills that can improve your business’ technology.

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