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Baton Rouge Business Audio: Ever Heard of Dante?

Posted by Brad Rojas on Nov 29, 2016 9:12:33 AM

baton rouge business audioA recent study by the University of California at Los Angeles shows that 38% of what is learned during a presentation stems from audio.  While 55% of what is learned comes directly from visual elements, having a quality, effective way to share sound as well is imperative to a fully integrated work space. 


With so much attention paid to displays and automation, which are all highly important, implementing the right audio equipment, and having it professionally integrated with your facility, should be a priority.  This is where Dante comes in.  Dante Audio has four valuable traits that can transform your business’ audio.

Easy Set Up

  • Plug and play – features automatic discovery and simple signal routing.
  • No special skills required to set up audio networking.
  • Integrated media and control.


  • Can support up to 512 bi-directional audio channels.
  • Supports a single integrated network for audio, video, control, and monitoring.
  • Control signals can be included on the network without additional cabling.
  • Periodic software updates.

Enhanced Audio Quality

  • Does not suffer from: hum, ground loops, or audio quality degradation with long cable runs.
  • Nearly imperceptible latency.

Minimal Ancillary Costs

  • No need for expensive copper analog cables.
  • Uses widely available, economical CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable.
  • Leverages existing network components, PCs, or Macs.
  • No software to purchase.

Audio components, networks, systems, and platforms all have a shelf life.  Whether you are designing a new space, remodeling, or replacing existing equipment; when it comes to the audio performance your business demands, Dante can meet those needs and more.  And when it comes the commercial integration that keeps you meetings and facilities running smoothly, Link Integration Group in Baton Rouge designs and installs the components and interfaces that meet your company’s needs.


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