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Baton Rouge Business A/V Services: Commercial vs. Consumer Displays

Posted by Brad Rojas on Dec 19, 2016 10:03:00 AM

Baton Rouge Business A/V Services: Commercial vs. Consumer DisplaysThings at the office work a little differently than they do at home.  Everything from how you dress, to your schedule, to your technology.  Of course a major office building is going to require more in terms of networking, power, and scalability than your home, but some technological elements of your business aren’t always treated that way.  This is especially common when it comes to the types of displays you install in conference rooms, work spaces, and offices.


The demands you make on the displays in the business world are much greater than watching the game on Sundays in your living room.  This is the key difference between consumer designed displays and commercially designed displays.  Here are the main differences between the two, and some thoughts on how to decide which make the most sense for your space.

Commercial Displays

  • Product Warranty: Commercial displays typically carry a 2-3 year warranty, as opposed to a 1 year warranty for residential products. It is also important to understand that consumer display warranties can often be voided if they are used in a business setting.
  • Hours of operation: This is another major difference between these two lines. As we stated earlier, the demands and stress placed upon commercial displays is much higher, and they are built to handle the workload.  Extended run times and commercial applications are all intended to be used, and used often in the commercial sector.  These devices can handle a higher temperature range as well as 24/7 use. 
  • Other business features:
  • Tamper resistant controls
  • Integration options
  • Portrait and landscape mounting capabilities
  • Touchscreen availability

Consumer Displays

  • Product Warranty: Consumer, or residential, displays typically only carry a 1-year warranty on parts and labor that begins from the date of purchase. However these warranties are voided when used in a commercial setting.
  • Hours of Operation: These devices are intended to be used no more than 6-8 hours each day. They are also designed for smaller cabinets to enhance their aesthetic appeal.  This design feature reduces ventilation and can overwhelm the product, reducing its operational life. 

When the time comes to install or replace displays in your office the bottom line is going to come down to, well, your bottom line.  Weighing the difference between initial costs and operational costs can lead you to the best option.  When you consider the potential for voided warranties, repair and replacement, commercial displays are cheaper to own and operate for business applications.

Displays can enhance any workspace, especially when integrated with your network and other platforms.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm in Baton Rouge and can answer and solve any of your display and commercial a/v  integration questions.

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