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Baton Rouge Audio Design Solutions: Making Meetings Crystal Clear

Posted by Brad Rojas on Aug 6, 2019 1:22:00 PM

0025-minYour organization’s audio conferencing can make or break a meeting.  If you have a great strategy to share but no one can hear it, communicating and collaborating is nearly impossible.  Here are a few things you can do to improve your audio conferencing to get the most out every meeting and collaborative session.

Use Microphones with Strategic Coverage Patterns

Controlled pattern mics capture audio and block unwanted noise from air conditioners and other ambient sources.  These microphones should be placed near where you want to collect audio, and away from where you don’t.

Leverage Acoustic Treatments that Reduce Noise, Echo, and Reflection

Absorbers, diffusers, barriers, platforms, and other materials can create a balance between echo and reflection.  Absorption is used to reduce flutter echoes, while diffusion scatters sound energy, improving quality.  The acoustic design of a space is as important as the technology you use to communicate. 

Eliminate the Echo Loop

The “echo loop” occurs when a reinforced sound through a loudspeaker is re-transmitted by the far side of the room and a speaker is able to hear what was just said.  Echo cancellation technology breaks this loop. 

These are only a few things to consider when it comes to optimizing your space for audio conferencing and presentations.  Utilizing the experience and expertise of a commercial AV integrator is also necessary to get the most out of both, your facilities and your technology.  Link Integration Group is a commercial integration firm that designs, creates, installs, and manages audio and visual solutions for organizations across Louisiana.

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