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Posted by Ron Smith on Mar 20, 2020 12:35:59 PM

The emergency situation we are all experiencing with the COVID 19 virus has emphasized the importance of having a proper communications system. With rampant rumors and guessing, it is critical that the right information be given to the citizens of our state. The Governor’s office of Emergency Management has done just that.


Governor Edward’s Public Briefings

While many of our citizens are “hunkering down” in our residences, we are depending on getting the right information so that we can act accordingly. Governor Edwards is having briefings for the public several times a week. One characteristic of those briefings is clear and understandable audio. This is not a fluke. The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) has recently installed a modern technology system that includes the audio system you are experiencing.


Audio System Overview

When the Governor and others step up to the lectern and speak into the microphone a number of things happen in order to get the proper audio out to the listeners. The sound pickup from the mic on the lectern is being fed into the new audio system at GOHSEP. The signal is routed through a mixing system into a digital sound processing system and then into a sound amplification system.

The signal is then sent out for the listeners.


Insuring the Operation of the System

While the systems installed consists of commercial top line components, it is imperative that the system have oversight to remain operational full time and especially when needed during an emergency. To that end Link Integration Group, LLC (LIG) assists in maintaining the systems. During this recent emergency, LIG personnel have been in contact with GOHSEP personnel daily. This is to assure that when a message has to be delivered by the Governor and his staff, the system will be ready and the citizens of Louisiana will continue to receive clear and intelligible audio.


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